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Every Hit Song from 1999 in one video. Watch this if you want to be instantly transported to 1999


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# my childhood


Every Hit Song from 1999 in one video. Watch this if you want to be instantly transported to 1999

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Jensen Ackles is not “interpreting” Dean Winchester. Jensen Ackles is creating Dean Winchester.

It is unspeakable arrogance to put your interpretation of the character on the same level as the creator’s, to tell the creator of the character that the character he has played for the past 10 years is not his own but rather belongs to the viewers and that he as the actor, cannot dictate truth about the character.

Jensen Ackles does not have an “opinion” of what Dean Winchester is, he, along with the writers, create who Dean Winchester is.

It is not that he is “entitled to his opinion”. We, the viewers, are entitled to our opinions of the character. Jensen Ackles is entitled to define the character. 


In all of his on-screen appearances in season 1 (and once in season 2), we never see him take a drink of alcohol.

Sam and Dean both yell at him in season 1. Sam even gets in his face and shoves him. He never raises his voice.

When Dean calls him out on not answering his phone, he backs down and apologizes.

When Meg calls him and taunts him by killing his friends, he immediately drops everything and walks himself into a trap in order to stop her.

The entire reason he kept sending Sam and Dean on hunts in season 1 was to keep them safe, because he was closing in on the demon and did not want them to get hurt trying to follow him. He was genuinely afraid for their safety when it came to Azazel.

When Sam and Dean disobey his orders and back him up, and demand to come with him and finish the fight against Azazel, he concedes and includes them in the hunt. Because he clearly respects their opinions and their skill as hunters and trusts them to back himself and each other up.

He swung by Stanford to check up on Sam and make sure he was safe, but never once tried to pull him back into hunting.

On the occasions that he had to leave his sons alone, they always had food, instructions to call somebody (Pastor Jim) if anything went wrong, and/or enough money to buy food.

After the Shtriga attacked Sam, John immediately abandoned the hunt, packed up, and drove his kids somewhere safe.

He was sentimental. He kept Sam’s soccer trophy and Dean’s first sawed-off.

Despite fighting with Sam over soccer vs. bowhunting, he obviously caved and signed Sam up for soccer.

He took his kids on a trip to the Grand Canyon.

He sacrificed his life and his 22-year revenge quest to the very demon he had been hunting that whole time in order to save Dean’s life, because his sons mean more to him than anything.

Yes, tumblr, he actually did tell Dean he was proud of him - it’s season 2, episode 1. No, that was not Azazel. It was John. Watch the fucking episode.

He never broke in hell. He never tortured anybody to save himself the pain. He endured a hundred years of torture because he refused to hurt anyone else.

He was clearly a good enough person to be considered a ‘righteous man’, because Alastair had been trying to break him for that purpose before Dean made his deal.

He went from knowing nothing about the supernatural to becoming one of the greatest hunters to ever live.

Ash, who was pretty much a genius, was amazed by the way John put together patterns to track Azazel.

Sam outright said they were lucky to have John as their dad, and this was before he and John had their reunion and reconciliation.

Why do you think they’re organizing?

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Things I Say While I'm Driving
Me: What the fuck are you doing. What. The fuck. Are you doing.
Me: Why the FUCK are we not even going to speed limit. Why.
Me: Shit is that a cop? No.
Me: Shit THAT is a cop.
Me: /dinosaur screams/


interviewer:  can you give me an example of a time you have challenged yourself

me:  sure sometimes I start a new game and play on medium difficulty

Happy Birthday Osric Master Chau! (July 20th, 1986)


"… and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."

Here’s to book seven. Here’s to the years of anticipation before it and the years of discussion in its wake. Here’s to the boy who lived and how he changed everything.

And here’s to you, if you know that “the very end” isn’t happening anytime soon.

We are book eight.

something you should probably refrain from saying around people who don’t watch Supernatural (via popculturesavvyangel)